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marketing can be tricky

Trial and error is lengthy, frustrating and expensive. We can cut through that. Why make life difficult for yourself by working in isolation? Join our community for invaluable insight, mentoring, guidance, up-skilling & tracking. 

Need project work & hands on implementation? – great. You will have a dedicated senior level marketing consultant to ensure consistency and continuity. Unlike a marketing agency, [we are a marketing consultancy] we do not employ junior level staff.

Our Story

Thanks for considering St Pauls Marketing. Here’s how it began.

I have a confession to make, I’m from a sales background not a marketing one. But trying to sell anything without knowing how to leverage your marketing is tough. So guess what, I wised up to marketing quickly.

I soon learnt that understanding and targeting the right target audience was smarter than trying to target everyone. I spoke to prospsects to understand their pains, before even trying to sell to them. I learnt a lot.

For example your proposition is the same, but people will buy for their own reasons, dependent on their circumstances. Branding is great, but branding does not put food on the table, it just gets people to look up.

Marketing needs actions, repeated actions. nailing the right actions, implementing them and the improving them. When you do this you start to gain traction. Traction is what puts food on the table – momentum gained by doing all the right things regularly and measuring them.

But how do you know what the right actions are? and do you have the skills or even the time? Well if you don’t know these things, your business will stumble. Up-skill or outsource quickly.

In the past I have also worked with larger businesses including Tesco, The National Lottery & Directline, helping their senior marketing teams understand online user behaviour. Using insightful data analytics to make smarter marketing decisions.

Whether the business is small or large the challenge is always the same – to ensure I get the very best results I can for the client. And to share with them how I did it and why it worked, so that they can continue the process and progress.

Thank you for reading my story. By all means call me if you think I can help you in your quest to make marketing your lean mean sales machine! 

And if I don’t hear from you – all the very best with your business.


Clare Mckee MA

0121 293 1197

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Clare Mckee MA [Digital Marketing] & User Experience Professional

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We're delivering high impact marketing expertise at a price that any business or organisation can afford. We use the collective power of the community to share success stories that you can adapt to suit your business.

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Real time reports

There's no working in the dark with us. Our live dashboard tracks all of your online marketing. See what's working, how and why. Intelligent data analytics to inform and inspire.

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No contract

At St Pauls Marketing we like our clients to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. And thankfully they do.
30 day rolling agreement.

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We're only ever at the end of the phone or an email. So if you're stuck - get in touch.

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After helping so many businesses, you can imagine the vast amount of insight we have gleaned. This is invaluable because it's real, not text book and can be re-purposed to suit your business.

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Plain English

Like most industries there's a lot of jargon. Don't worry we'll explain everything in plain English!

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