50% Email Marketing Open Rates

If you know anything about email marketing then you’ll know that the average open rate is around 23%. The open rate relates to the number of recipients who actually opened the email. So, in most cases, the sad fact is, that most people don’t open your carefully crafted email marketing campaign. But don’t let that put you off, because those who do are the ones most likely to buy from you. [assuming your email campaign is opt-in]. Here we segmented the opt in database and created a highly significant campaign for this user group. And as we hoped, the open-rates went through the roof. So too did the sales – in fact the phone didn’t stop ringing my client proclaimed in a frantic [but good] state. We can do the same for you. 

Email Marketing is still a powerful marketing tactic and consistently outperforms social media channels.

email open rates
Selling luxury goods - lead generation via website then brochure, then email marketing, then sale. Works a treat.

Email Marketing is just one of the many ways we can generate leads for you