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Google Analytics Beginners Guide

Get ready to measure your success with Google Analytics. Once you put your foot on the online marketing gas, you will certainly want to start measuring your efforts.

Marketing without analytics, is like working with the lights off – switch them on right now!

Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you understand online visitor activity. Critically, Google Analytics will help you track how effective your digital marketing is. Hurrah. Now you can see where your traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking at and even which devices they are using. Take particular note of traffic from mobile devices, some of my clients get a whopping 60% of traffic from mobile. You will certainly want to ensure your website is fast and mobile friendly. Check your website here for speed and here for mobile friendliness.

google analytics get started

You can set up Google Analytics here. Fill in the details and add the tracking code or tracking number to your website. If you use WordPress there are plugins to help you do this. If in doubt ask your web designer or website platform and they will be able to help you. It’s a 2 minute job max.

ga wordpress plugin
Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Websites

What can you see in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics really is a simple way to track and analyse visitors to your website. However; the interface can seem a little overwhelming.

Let’s keep it simple

4 things you will want to know from Google Analytics

1. How many website visitors you are getting

2. Where your website visitors are coming from e.g. Google, Linkedin, Facebook, direct, email marketing, referrals etc

3. Which pages they are looking at

4. Which pages they land on

This information alone will give you an idea of which part of your marketing is working or not. You can find this information here.

google analytics 4 key elements

Next you will want to set up goals in your Google Analytics

Through setting up goals you can track your most important website interactions. Your website goals should be based on your website and business objectives. For an ecommerce website, a goal could be the purchasing of an item, for a business to business website it could be the downloading of a document or completion of a contact form, or you can set up mini goals, for example sign ups to newsletters or similar.

set up google analytics goals

Once you have established your goals you can than turn on funnel visualisation. This will allow you to see how many visitors got to each step in the process.

Once Google Analytics has all this raw information it then starts to process it. All the processed information is then sorted and organised into reports such as Audience reports, Acquisition reports or Behaviour reports. Audience reports contain details about visitors to your website. It will showcase the demographics, interests, location, language, behaviour of your visitors and the type of technology they used to access your site. Acquisition reports tells you about the motivations of visitors. This report informs you about what drove visitors to your website. This can be through SEO, PPC, social media, referrals or direct traffic. Finally, behaviour reports tell you everything about your content, what they looked at. This can help you spot strong and weak areas of your website.

Ultimately Goggle Analytics will allow you to understand what is important and working on your website and what is not. This will enable you to change and improve your content so that it meets your performance goals. In turn helping you to improve your website marketing, website conversions and overall business goals. 

Get started with Google Analytics or ask for our help if you’re stuck