google ads voucher

Google Ad Vouchers

Google Ad Vouchers worth up to £120

If you’re looking to boost awareness and sales or even test an offer, look no further than Google Ads.

Google Ads is Google’s premier advertising programme. It used to be called Google Adwords, it falls under the pay per click advertising category; commonly referred to as PPC.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads are the small, mostly text based ads that sit on top of the search results. For example you search for:

Email marketing software, and a combination of ‘organic’ search results appear as well as paid results. See the example here.

Google Ads example

The organic results are in effect ‘earnt’ by trust and content, which tends to happen over time [these are largely gained with a big doll0p of SEO help] whereas the Google Ads can be bought immediately.

Google Ads can be a great way to test and measure what type of marketing messages and campaigns work for your company.

And here’s Google’s latest offer – giving you a Google Ads voucher.

google ads voucher
Google Ads Vouchers – A great way to get started with online advertising