Marketing Strategy Tutorial

We've given you a marketing strategy template. Now, how to complete it with conviction.

Use your marketing strategy as a destination roadmap

A marketing strategy will help you explore your ideas and put them solidly in black and white onto paper. Anything that’s muddled in the mind can become unmuddled on paper.

Marketing strategies are great for team working and team focus too.

This tutorial will help you honestly assess what’s in your marketing strategy.

What you will learn:

  1. A marketing strategy is a live working document
  2. You will need to constantly assess and make changes
  3. Make goal and targets realistic
  4. Ensure you have resource for marketing activities
  5. Budgeting & ROI
  6. Cost per acquisition [CPA}
  7. Customer lifetime value {CLV]
  8. How to ensure sales and marketing teams work together
  9. How to measure all of your marketing activity
  10. Use our community to learn what you don’t know

This is just one of the many easy to understand step by step tutorials given to you when you join St Pauls Marketing Club.