Google Mobile Friendly Test

There are few things more irritating and disheartening for someone like me [who monitors digital marketing campaigns] than seeing businesses throw thousands of pounds at advertising and marketing only to leave their main digital asset – untouched.

Make no mistake. Your website is the most likely place a client or customer will convert [contact or act] from.

Evidence shows that most searches begin online via a mobile phone. So if you’re paying for SEO, Adwords, press advertising – in fact any type of marketing,  all traffic [visitors] will be driven to your website. And when the visitor gets there how welcome will they feel when they can barely use your website? How long will they stick around? What are the chances of them converting if they can’t navigate your website?

Your website was designed for desktop several years ago. Now people search on mobile. This is not going to change.

Signs that users needs aren’t met when they reach your website

  • No conversions
  • High bounce rate [see your Google Analytics]
  • You are confused as you believe you are doing the right things

In 2018 a non mobile friendly website is a recipe for failure.

google mobile friendly test

What is a mobile friendly website?

Responsive design is used so that you only need to create one website and when your website is requested the software [code behind your website] simply knows how to display your website, automatically detecting if the user is requesting it on desktop, mobile or a tablet. User experience is part of your branding and critical to any marketing campaign success. Don't miss this one out.

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