Who’s monitoring your marketing?

  • Free consultation
  • Business objectives clarified
  • Marketing activities monitored
  • Live marketing activity dashboard with additional logins
  • Access to other digital marketing tools
  • Independent monthly progress report
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Set goals & smash them!
st pauls marketing help for small businesses and start ups

Why it pays to have a fresh pair of eyes

  • Objective, evidence based perspective
  • No allegiances to any one platform or brand
  • Focus on company goals as well as campaign outcomes

Who are St Pauls Marketing?

  • A small team of marketing specialists with vast experience in practicing all of the techniques and tactics on here
  • MA Digital Marketing
  • User Experience Professional
  • CIM qualified
  • Government approved marketing consultants
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marketing club for business growth

What kind of businesses do you help?

We can help any type of business b2b, b2c or a combination.

If you’re spending any amount of time on marketing you will need our Monitoring Dashboard. Otherwise, it’s like working in the dark.

Any doubts? Get in touch. We can make a quick assessment & set up a free trial for you.

High Impact Monitoring

Free trial then £75 pmth includes error report, monthly summary & live login to see all of your online marketing campaigns together. Save time, measure what matters. Set up fee £55.