Success Stories

Some marketing companies love to bang on about how great they are. We don’t believe in telling you how good we are. Instead, we’ll show you some of our results and you can see for yourself. References are available anytime – just ask.

conversion increase
Conversion Rate Optimisation Project


The user journey was muddled. We unmuddled it. And within 2 weeks there was a 44% increase in revenue. Result.

44.71% increase in sales in 2 weeks


Sometimes, when it’s your own business, you just cannot see the wood for the trees, let alone try and see things objectively. Or as we like to think – how your target audience would see things.

The trouble is by the time your website has been passed around a web design agency, a copywriter and the brand owner, there’s every chance the target audience has been forgotten. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation is just one of the many ways we can increase sales for you.

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Search Engine Optimisation

OK it’s our website, St Pauls Marketing. It just goes to show what we can achieve, even in a fiercely competitive sector like marketing. This is just a small snapshot. There’s plenty more where that came from!

Search Engine Optimisation is just one of the many ways we can increase sales for you.

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Content Marketing

Content is king. But only the right content in the right places.

Week one progress for our B2C client.

Content Marketing & SEO is just one of the many ways we can increase sales for you.

Why accept average?

When we heard that average opt in email subscriber open rates were 23% for this B2C sector, we totally ignored it. And smashed it. Generating a potential £1M worth of leads by driving traffic to the website, politely asking them to request a brochure if they were truly interested in buying this luxury product and then following them up with tantalising emails. Month in month out we consistently deliver £1M worth of leads.  In fact our system has made this client so busy, we have had to pause the program. Nice problem to have.

Email marketing outperforms social media everytime. Try it.

email click through rates
Click through rates - through the roof!

Designing, implementing and optimising a marketing program that will generate high quality leads month in month out is our specialty.

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Restaurant Rescue Project

From loss to profit in 5 months

The independent restaurant business is tough. Maybe years ago you were doing really well, less competition, you were unique.

Fast forward. While you stay the same, everything around you changes. Keep up, better still get ahead, or else your business is likely to die. It really is as simple as that.

With on site marketing consultancy and do-able action plans this restaurant really did turn the tables.

With a modest spend they were able to go from loss to profit in months.

Without our fresh perspective and step by step guidance this would not have happened. Nothing is impossible – if you know how and why!

"Clare has been a great support to my business during a period of growth and has supported with competitor analysis, search engine optimisation and also creating quality content for our website. Clare helps to quantify the return on investment and also our wider internal efforts to promote our business. Clare is respected locally and I was introduced via a connection at the chamber of commerce."
st pauls marketing review
Rob Marshall
Director, Gateway2Lease