Why Customer Experience is Everything

What do customers want?

The question, ‘What do my customers want?’ should always be at the heart of any successful, leading business.

Making sure that your business is centred on the customer is fundamental in ensuring the longevity of your company. You will only see your business performance improve once you have a solid customer-based focus, hence why it is important to discuss.

Always remember that the customer experience begins from the very first instant that they interact with your business. The moment they consider using a service, or purchasing an item, to the very second they buy the product needs to be carefully thought about. This journey needs to be as clear and efficient as possible for the customer to ensure they return.

Observation is the first step in creating exceptional customer care. Look at everything you do from the perspective of a customer. A customer’s journey not only has several touch points, it also has a fluid end-to-end experience. Therefore, even if you have exceptional and carefully thought about individual touchpoints, the overall experience can still lead to disappointment. It is important to remember that the customers journey spans a progression of touchpoints and has a clearly defined beginning and end.

The next step is to shape and redesign your business from the customer back. This involves focusing on improving the most important customer journey first. When reshaping interactions into different experiences you should aim to incorporate behavioural psychology within your design process as it can be a huge tool to improve customer experience. Understanding how the mind interprets information and experience, which will thus form everlasting memories will create a more positive customer impression. Interlinking onto this, any successful business should use digital technologies to reinvent the customer journey. To ensure a positive customer experience, you should aim to digitise the most important journeys in order for them to be easily accessible. Embrace new digital technologies and always plan for more.

The final step to think about is performance. Reshaping a company to commit to a broad customer experience transformation can be a long and tricky process. You need motivated and empowered employees who embody the customer and brand promise. These employees need to be engaged by leaders at every stage of the process. Furthermore, leaders need to exhibit role-model behaviour that they expect from team members. Your metric system should also value customer feedback as this will help to improve your company. It is fundamental for the customer experience journey to be at the centre of your measurement system. Once this is in the centre, you can then see how customer experience interlinks with other fundamental areas of your business.

Ensuring exceptional customer experience will mean that they will stay loyal and spread a positive word-of-mouth for your business. This will ultimately improve your reputation, making it stand out from competitors, thus attracting new potential customers.





https://www.watermarkconsult.net/docs/Watermark-Customer-Experience-ROI-Study-(Insurance-Edition).pdf – Useful case study to read when wanting to learn more about good customer service,